August 27, 2016     Wargamerguild Club Meeting!     2:00pm – 3:00pm?     Saturday     Gnome Games East     Wargamerguild Club Meeting!          August 28, 2016     The Battle of Brawner’s Farm     2:00pm – 5:00pm?     Sunday     Gnome Games East     The Battle of Brawner’s Farm held on the 154th anniversary of the date of the battle! This battle was the first battle for the Iron Brigade which at that time was composed of the 2nd, 6th and 7th Wisconsin and the 19th Indiana. Only the 2nd Wisconsin had seen prior combat. The Iron Brigade came against the more experienced Stonewall Brigade and stopped them cold! The rules will be “tweaked” to reflect the field operations that day.          November 4 – 6, 2016     MAJOR MINI CON 2016 WEEKEND!     Hours To Come      Friday thru Sunday     Gnome Games East    MAJOR MINI CON 2016 WEEKEND!     MORE INFO TO COME!           


Welcome to The Green Bay Wargamers Guild website.

Our club is dedicated to the Art, Education, Historical, Fictional, and Hobby of Tabletop Miniature Gaming & Tabletop Gaming.

Regular historical miniature games are held weekly on Saturday / Sunday at Gnome Games, 2255 Main Street, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54302 (920-965-1380). Gaming events begin at 10am or when scheduled.

Our Club welcomes gamers and encourages anyone interested to come in and participate.  A person need not to own any miniatures to join in the fun.  We have an abundant supply of painted figures that may be borrowed until a person decides what army they would like to assemble as their own whether it be Romans, Warhammer 40K Space Marines or some other army.  This club accepts gamers to join even if you don’t live here in the same state! Just sign up with this website at the REGISTER option!

We have a section for ‘Events‘. It is called the – ‘Event Calendar‘.  This section will show you our upcoming Events of Games and Conventions for our club.  Check out our Club’s Event Calendar of upcoming events!

We have also have a section for the ‘Green Bay Wargamers Guild Newsletter‘.  Currently the only way to receive ‘Newsletters‘ is to read them online or download them to your computer . Check out our Club’s Newsletters!

Our club members paint many different kinds of miniatures/ figures. You can check out our section called – ‘Main Gallery‘.  Those miniatures/figures are from Ancients, Fantasy, and many other kinds of miniatures/figures.  Check out our Gallery!

If you have questions you can click on ‘Contact Us‘ and email the club for the information you are looking for.

“So what are you waiting for Come on in and join the fun of Tabletop Gaming!

Green Bay Wargamers Guild

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