Interview With Lynn Willis

  The Green Bay Wargamers Guild had an interview with Lynn Willis on January 28, 2008 and this is what occurred that day between Lynn Willis and Wargamerguild.                     Lynn Willis












   Wargamerguild: We (our club) runs *Call of Cthulhu* 2 times a month 

and it is a game that gets in depth with our characters.

We have about 40 people in our club but mainly there are 7 to 8 guys/gals who

play *Call of Cthulhu* and they enjoy it very much.


Lynn Willis:  That's the main thing, to have fun with the elements of the game.



  Wargamerguild:  Where do you think *Call of Cthulhu* will be in 20 years?      
   Lynn Willis:  The core game will be played much as it is today, excepting some offshoots like Pulp Cthulhu.    


  Wargamerguild: Are there any special devices in *Call of Cthulhu* to bring up your sanity points/ and or magic points?    
  Lynn Willis:  No, and there should be none except in the hands of keepers.  Keepers get to do whatever they like.    

  The Green Bay Wargamers Guild would like to thank Lynn Willis for taking the time to answer our Call Of Cthulhu interview.  Good Luck in the future Lynn with the designing of games.